Mammoth Kingdom ™

Behold the savage tundra of far eastern Siberia. Long ago, this frigid realm was a field of epic battle – a clash of searing fire versus whirling storms of ice. When the conflict ended, the ravaged land fell to the mighty Order of Mammoths. But today, in this icebound desolation, a great volcano grows restless, stirring from its slumber. Earthquakes, vast eruptions, and waves of flaming magma – these mark the hour when the Mammoths march once again to war! Enter the fray, test your mettle, and seize plunder for yourself, as titans of ice battle against a brutal rain of fire.


This game is available in Class II, Class III and TLS markets.
Configuration: 4×5 – 50L
Available denoms: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10
Exclusive to b.POD™ cabinet.
Find the game features below.

Mammoth Kingdom Features


3 Free Spins symbols scattered = 5 Free Spins
During Free Spins, WILD symbol can appear and they will stay until the end of the round.


After the initial Free Spins, the BONUS WHEEL is activated!
The players will spin the BONUS WHEEL, which potentially offers other free spins or win multiplier.


Anytime during regular game, the volcano may throw 2 to 12 WILD symbols across all reels.