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Blazing 1199 Link ™

Enjoy the pleasures of the oncoming Chinese New Year! Join the colorful festivities and admire the noisy fireworks. It’s the perfect occasion to gather for the annual family reunion while gambling in Blazing 1199 Link. It’d be amazing to receive the new year with pockets full of money!

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Fire King ™

The king of the jungle is on fire! This burning lion arrives to play the most important role on these flaming screens. It’s coming from the deep forest to grant big winnings to the players who dare hit the “Play” button. Experience what is like gaining lots of prizes during Free Spins beside the blazing beast. Receive the warm welcome of the Fire King!

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Highborn Dragon ™

Highborn Dragon is a tribute to the mighty Chinese dragon that spreads wealth and wisdom everywhere. The legendary creature generates a fireball that empowers players to achieve astonishing winnings. Feel the power of the noble dragon and receive the treats of imperial descendants!

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Homeland Treasures ™

This is a game to enjoy the pleasures of Mother Nature. The gorgeous Yellow Stone wildlife is showcased in Homeland Treasures featuring the beauty of the North American grasslands. Enter the captivating world of this game’s graphics. Feel the thrill of the wilderness while hitting the bank with abounding winnings!

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Le Fabuleux 1199 Link ™

Give it your best bash to Le Fabuleux 1199 Link and delight in the steam-punk style. Join the British characters to hit the money machine. Enjoy the Victorian designs while rolling in cash. This is the big opportunity you have been waiting for. Don’t let it go!

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Maiden of Light ™

Join Agatha in this riveting gaming experience!
Enter Dracula’s castle to find astonishing rewards.
There is a hidden trove awaiting to be revealed. Enjoy this love story while winning your best payouts.
The gorgeous countess brings light and luck to players around.

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Majestic Phoenix ™

Take the chance to meet the unbelievable riches that the Majestic Phoenix could bring to your finances. This mythical bird is coming out of the ashes to multiply your money, reaching amounts beyond your wildest dreams. Stay alert! The Phoenix could throw a lucky fireball on your reels to trigger the most moneymaking features of the gaming experience!

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Prince of Darkness ™

“Prince of Darkness” displays the spine-chilling adventures of a rich vampire of Transylvania that shares his heritage with players. Enter the undead’s castle to find impressive riches. Win different levels of jackpots on the wheel and multiply them by up to 10X in the Wall of Fortune feature. Jump into this bloody story to get the treasure you have always dreamed of!

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Protocol 1199 Link ™

Watch out! It’s the Protocol 1199 Link.
We might not be able to explain how it happend,
but it’s full of lucky events for those within proximity.

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Twisted Deals ™

Enter the joker’s eccentric world! Experience one of the most sensational winnings when playing with this quirky character. The wild cards of this tricksy clown will preposterously fill your reels! Challenge your mind and grasp the opportunity of making a lot of cash with Twisted Deals.