Blazing 1199 Link ™

Chinese New Year Celebrations are one of the liveliest and most colorful festivities worldwide. A massive party where red color overflows all around.

The happy noises of drums and firecrackers echo in every corner to ward off misfortune and call upon good luck. Dancing dragons make their ways on the streets generating a karma of success and auspiciousness.

Celebrate the arrival of a new and wealthy year with the divine sounds of the cracking fireworks while earning amazing prizes!


This game is available in Class II, Class III and TLS markets.
Configuration: 3×3 – 1L
Available denoms: $1.00
Exclusive to b.POD™ cabinet.
Find the game features below.

Blazing 1199 Link Features

Wild Feature

Obtain 1 or 2 Wilds without any other winning combination to win 2 or 5 credits respectively.

Blazing 1199 link bonus symbol
Blazing 1199 Link Bonus

Obtain 3 prizes to launch theBlazing 1199 Link Bonus Feature.

Blazing 1199 link link bonus
1199 Bonus

Obtain Wild-7-Wild to receive the $1199 prize instantaneously!