Mystic Dynasty™

Mystic Jackpots await!

Free Spins with Jackpots

3 scattered on reels 2, 3 and 4 gives 5 free spins with a chance to win a JACKPOT!

You could win additional free spins during Free Spins!

Touching during FREE SPINS reveals its PRIZES!

Could be a major or minor symbol or even up to 37.5x total bet

Additionally, each may contain either 1 or 2 extra FREE SPINS!

Collecting either 3 or 3 during a FREE SPINS round wins their JACKPOT

If 1 symbol is missing for a JACKPOT at the end of FREE SPINS, A RESPIN will occur for one last chance to win.

Each time a major or minor symbol is found, they award 1.5x total bet.

Mystery Wild

Anytime during a regular game, 5 may appear containing 2 to 7 extra WILD symbols!

Select one to reveal its contents.

replaces all symbols except
can replace during Free Spins, but will not award any prize.