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Gary Isaacs – Global Sales and Marketing Director

First of all, Gary joined Bluberi in October 2017 to help lead our sales and marketing efforts. He has spent his career in various sales and marketing positions in technology based companies, IBM, Cisco and Bell Canada. Gary has lived in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver and has worked in both Canada and the US. He has sold technology to both mid market and enterprise accounts. Additionally, he has had extensive experience in the use of distribution channels and routes to market. Gary’s marketing experience has extended to both consumer and corporate marketing.
In particular, Gary has brought discipline and consistency to our sales and marketing efforts. He is focused on responsive customer service and growing Bluberi’s footprint. He has also helped launch a number of marketing efforts to expand Bluberi’s visibility. Finally, Gary spends a great deal of time out in the territory, visiting customers, understanding the market and competition to move Bluberi’s business forward.

Fun fact:

We have asked which Bluberi game is Gary’s favorite.
His favorite game is Frogged Up!