Novus Series™ b49 Cabinet

Technology, Versatility and Design for Immersive Gaming

The Novus Series™ b49 is designed from the ground up with the new Bluberi Spider™ gameboard, running the state-of-the-art UNITY game engine.

Each b49 game is developed with 4K animation and graphics. The stunning visual clarity and brightness yet to be seen on the Casino floor.  Furthermore, each game feature is specifically designed to produce game effects at >100 frames-per-second; creating super smooth and crisp game play, allowing players to experience their favorite games longer with less eye fatigue.

In fact, the colors and brightness leverage leading-edge technology to attract players and minimize glare from other EGMs. b49 games introduce new bonus round selection, free spin animation options, as well as minor, major, and epic win game dynamics which conventional slots cannot match. Players expect this in their entertainment and the b49 delivers it.

Moreover, the 49” 4K display offers an amazing palette for the game with its brightness and lifelike animations and clarity. Just as important as the lighting and game play, Bluberi has redesigned its sound system to complement the stunning display with equally astonishing surround sound providing an incredible audio depth of field effect making you feel part of the game with every sense.

For the casino floor managers, the b49 banking options are space conscious and attractive creating a comfortable privacy feeling for the players regardless of which EGM they select in the bank. Banking options include straight line 4, 6, and 8 machine options designed for walls, back-to-back and carousel options for space conscious isle ways. Each of them has trim kits that produce a clean bank design and finish minimizing any issues for players.

In the end, the b49 experience is a unique experience and a kind of cabinet every casino floor needs to have.