Bluberi Novus Series Slant™ Cabinet

Technology, Versatility and Design for Immersive Gaming

Bluberi’s new Novus Series™ Cabinets are changing the landscape with its fusion of modern materials and technology to construct stunning, taller units for optimal visibility. Highlights include:

  • Interchangeable common base across all Novus slot cabinets (6 display units planned)
  • Simplified floor space planning for slot banks with 6, 8,12 back to back or carousel 4/6 designs to ensure minimal footprint
  • Flexible player tracking capability which can leverage existing player tracking systems or can support casino content streaming for general player adverts and information
  • Built-in USB charging and player mobile cradles to make it easier for players to charge and chat with their mobile devices while they enjoy their favorite games
  • LCD player button deck with configurable buttons for the best player experience and minimal machine maintenance costs

One of the initial releases in the series is the Novus Slant™ Cabinet:

  • Enjoys all the features of the innovative Novus Series™ base cabinet with award-winning stability and performance designs
  • Provides the maximum gaming enjoyment through its two 27” HD screens for vibrant colors and lifelike experience
  • Optional Novus Topper™ which creates a vertical wraparound experience immersing the player in the game excitement
  • Leverages the Bluberi Novus Lighting System™ which enables the game to tap into every pixel in the LED lighting system, extending Bluberi games beyond the HD screen. Bluberi is leading the way with wrap-around gaming, the next generation of excitement offered in the Bluberi experience.