Bluberi: Gaming Built around you

Bluberi employs experts specializing in the design and development of video games, electronic gaming boards as well as casino machines and management systems for the global market.

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Working Conditions

Bluberi’s philosophy includes a firm commitment to employee well-being.

In keeping with this core belief, the company is extremely active in maintaining a productive and harmonious work environment.

Bluberi provides its employees with the latest software and equipment in order to keep the workflow smooth and trouble-free. An on-site mini-casino stimulates employees’ involvement in the creative process by allowing them to experience games from the player’s perspective.

Bluberi offers pleasant and spacious premises, such as a cozy cafeteria and an outdoor patio, relaxing settings in which to unwind and socialize.

Concerned about promoting a healthy balance between work and leisure, the company’s social club organizes, on a regular basis, diverse activities that appeal to varied tastes.


Bluber offers its employees a comprehensive and competitive benefits program.

Our group insurance is paired with an employee assistance program (EAP). This program, available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, is an essential tool to help employees deal with a number of issues. Bluberi’s group insurance plan includes short- and long-term disability protection, drug insurance, dental benefits and life insurance, providing employees with the most complete protection possible.

In an effort to assist its employees in meeting unexpected family obligations, the company has set up a compensated absences program.

Moreover, Bluberi has adopted a flexible schedule allowing its employees to cope with their professional and personal responsibilities, thus reducing stress and improving quality of life.