Free Spins Catcher ™

Dreamcatchers are known for their protective ability to snare nightmares in their web, while allowing good dreams to pass through.
In “Free Spins Catcher”, a 100-year old legend is told. It is about a dreamcatcher that was personally handmade for you, by a powerful warrior. This warrior, driven by passion, used his tools to craft this dreamcatcher in order to let you catch free spins. There is room available for five to twenty-five free spins.Not only will it catch free spins, but it could also collect a wild totem that once possessed, can increase your chance for a free spin!
This game also has a multiplier feature which will multiply your win. Get ready to live the legends of the dreamcatcher and let it catch free spins for you!


This game is available in Class II, Classs III and TLS markets.
Configuration: 3×5 – 30L
Available denoms: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10
Exclusive to bluKnight™ cabinet.
Find the game features below.

Free Spins Catcher Features

Free Spins

3 Free Spin symbol Scattered on reels 2, 3 and 4 awards free spins.
The chosen free spin symbol will reveal how many was won.

Multiplier Reel

You can find wild multipliers on reel 5, they can replace any symbol except free spins symbol.


You can obtain up to 3 wild symbols on the same reel.

yellow in the middle and red on the side tottem with the inscription wild at the bottom