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La chance tourne pour Bluberi (Bluberi is on a roll) – l’Express

Drummondville, Quebec (May 14, 2018) – L’Express, the Drummondville regional newspaper published an interesting paper on Bluberi, La chance tourne pour Bluberi (Bluberi is on a roll).

The reporter, Ghyslain Bergeron interviewed M. Denis Lafrenière, Bluberi’s CFO, who described Bluberi’s upturn. First of all, Mr. Lafrenière reinforced Bluberi’s situation; the company is in good hands. He also stated that various strategies had been deployed lately to penetrate key markets. He then explained that the company’s current challenge was to find qualified game designers.

Lastly, he described the very successful  b.POD, Bluberi’s most recent product.

We encourage you to read the article (available in French only) by clicking here.


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