Maurice Ierfino

SALES REP NAME: Maurice Ierfino
PHONE: +1 (514) 975-0964
VCF link: Business Card

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Maurice Ierfino – Sales representative

With 25 years of experience in Canada and abroad in Industrial, Entertainment and Gaming sectors, Maurice Ierfino’s coverage is the East of the United-States as well as Canada.
Maurice is a seasoned Sales and Marketing professional who has established strong market relationships over the years. Additionally, he holds a B.Com degree from McGill University and he is also fluent in four languages. Therefore, he is the perfect candidate to be involved in extensive international overseas work, in areas of operations and business development.
In fact, he has developed a strong entrepreneurial philosophy and sales enablement skills.

Fun fact:

We have asked which Bluberi game is Maurice’s favorite.
His favorite game is Conga Party.
In detail, he says “The graphics and theme in general really capture how creative our game development team really is. The game mechanics and bonus features make it an interesting game to play. Even after being release several years ago, the market still very likes these great graphics and concept. It still personifies for me what Bluberi is really all about!”