Novus Series™

Technology. Versatility.

The new Novus Series™ by Bluberi cabinet line is changing the landscape with its fusion of modern materials and technology to construct stunning, taller units for optimal visibility.

The Novus Series™ by Bluberi cabinet line which boasts an interchangeable common base that will support all future display modules for maximum operator flexibility.

All Novus Series™ cabinets are built with award-winning stability, player-centric and performance designs to make installation simple, efficient and timely and are designed to simplify floor space planning and ensure minimal footprint in the building of slot banks.

At the core of the Novus Series™ cabinets will be the new Spider Game Board™ by Bluberi. The Spider Game Board™ is designed from the ground up to drive the new cabinets and their display modules to maximum impact generating an engaging, immersive customer experience. The Spider Game Board™ is created to increase the game design capacities and will be compliant with new Sates requirements such as Nevada.

The first two display modules of the Novus Series™ cabinet line are expected to be released for Q4 2018.


Games for Novus Series™
Our latest games for the cutting-edge Novus Series™ make the most of the processing power and exceptional visual impact that the cabinet delivers.

Running the state-of-the-art UNITY game engine with wrap-around screens, our games for the Novus Series™ reach new heights of immersiveness and engagement. They’re designed to draw in and hold players’ attention, delivering a truly revolutionary level of action and excitement.