Senior Mathematician Designer

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Number of openings: 1
Position starting date: As soon as possible
Employment status: Permanent
Work schedule: 37.5h Full time
Work shift: Week days

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As a core member of the mathematic team, develop innovative game mechanics and develop math models for Base, Mid-Premium and Premium contents that will provide successful play experience.



  • Propose new Game Design – innovative concepts to support the team gaming strategy
  • Active collaboration in Game Design Jam Sessions
  • Create and develop new game mechanics and variants.
  • Develop a library of custom software/tools supporting new game mechanics
  • Maintain and update documentation of new game design and bonus mechanics in development.
  • Develop Class III math model that will create the game experience aligned with Game Design
  • Responsible to provide accurate calculation Excel files and algorithms/formulae to support math model
  • Write, modify and test code for math simulations.
  • Develop bonus algorithms for accurate math and behavior – create file for game software implementation
  • Demonstrate the expected game experience using some mathematics / analytics tools
  • Maintain/ update library of new successful games coming to market from competitors
  • Seek and possess a sound knowledge of existing game performance in production
  • Knowledge transfer  to team members and mentoring when required
  • Identify technical issues/challenges and communicate them to direct manager with potential solution
  • Collaborate with other departments on ongoing development when needed.
  • Maintain open communication with manager and team member regarding project development progress.


  • Strong analytics
  • Pay attention to details
  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent teamwork skills
  • Bilingual: English and French
  • 5 years + of experience developing math models for casino games
  • 5 years + of experience developing new game mechanics for casino games
  • 5 years + of experience of programming math simulators with C++ or C#  language
  • Bachelor degree in Mathematics or equivalent experience
  • Experience in mathematical simulation and statistics is preferred