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Highborn Dragon ™

Highborn Dragon is a tribute to the mighty Chinese dragon that spreads wealth and wisdom everywhere. The legendary creature generates a fireball that empowers players to achieve astonishing winnings. Feel the power of the noble dragon and receive the treats of imperial descendants!

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Into the Vault ™

Get into the Vault with Tom, one of these eager bank breakers. He might share a big chunk of the loot if you team up with him!

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Majestic Phoenix ™

Take the chance to meet the unbelievable riches that the Majestic Phoenix could bring to your finances. This mythical bird is coming out of the ashes to multiply your money, reaching amounts beyond your wildest dreams. Stay alert! The Phoenix could throw a lucky fireball on your reels to trigger the most moneymaking features of the gaming experience!

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Miami Vibe ™

It’s party time with the Miami Vibe! And there is no better place to do it than Miami.
Warm beaches and loud Latin music are waiting for you.

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Money Vibe ™

It’s the time to experience fulfilling moments of richness in every area of your life. Cash in on the magnificent wealth vibe and try your luck right now! There is an infinite supply of fortune that you can tap into. Don’t let the chance go!

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Protocol 1199 Link ™

Watch out! It’s the Protocol 1199 Link.
We might not be able to explain how it happend,
but it’s full of lucky events for those within proximity.

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Wild Challengers ™

Wild Challengers tells the story of a cowboy and a cowgirl who fell in love despite their rivalry on competition. Let yourself go with this rodeo tournament. Enjoy this adventure while rolling in money!